Recently we had some time to further develop our ECU & TCU software for the F90 M5 Platform on our own 2020 Jahre M5 Competition. The car’s current setup has our In house developed custom software for E40 fuel blend, Catless Downpipes, and Eventuri Intakes. The car is still on the factory OEM Turbochargers and factory original Engine. We managed a 9.73sec 1.4 Mile @ 145 MPH with Toyo R888R Tires on Stock wheels. Dragy results are 60-130 MPH comes in at 5.3 Seconds and 100-100 KPH takes 4.47 Seconds! This winter we are going to build the engine with forged internals, install upgraded turbochargers, new intake manifolds and upgrade the fuel system in the car.