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Directions for Installation of ECC ECU Tune


This software will allow you to load custom tunes on your car, or revert back to a stock file if you choose.


If you have never used it before, you will need to install the software and attach the cable to the OBD port of your car. Using the “Vehicle Info” tab you will need to gather the information from your ECU and submit this to ECC via email. If you follow the steps in that tab it will guide you through the process. The end result will be a file with an .EUI extension. Send it to us via email to We will work our magic and send you a new file


The email you get back from us is in an .EUC format and this is the file that you will load back into your ECU with the Euro-Flash software and USB-to-OBDII cable. The file is approximately 1MB in size, and contains 3 components: A “stock” program for your car, the “”performance tune” that we built for you, and the necessary hooks and code for data logging functionality.

NOTE: . It is possible that the laptop you are using will not have the correct USB driver to allow the software to load properly. Although everything might start out OK, it is possible that the ECU load will fail part-way through the process and corrupt your ECU load. At that point, the car won’t start and you probably won’t be able to revert back to the original file to repair things either…. you will need to contact us and we can remotely update your laptop to fix the issue.


1. Make sure that you are doing this during our regular business hours. M-F 9-5cst
2. Have a battery charger and wall outlet within reach of the car BEFORE you start. The recovery process takes a substantial amount of time, and your engine cooling fans will be spinning at full-speed…draining your battery in a hurry.
3. Make sure you have a WiFi signal where the car is parked (or a long Ethernet cable!) so that we can remotely access your laptop in real-time. Everything is going to be a LOT harder to diagnose and fix if you don’t have internet access.
4. Go to and download their remote management software. It is free for “personal” use, so download a copy and install it BEFORE you try to load your .EUC file. This is the tool that we will use to log into your system with. Loading it ahead of time will save hassles later on.

OK, assuming you have your new .EUC file and have properly prepared yourself for any potential issues with a good contingency plan, it’s time to attach your battery charger to the trunk battery, plug in the cable and launch the software (the key is in the ignition but in the “OFF” position at this point). Open the EuroFlash software, right click to run as administrator, and click on the “Vehicle Info” tab . Turn the key to “2” position (instrument lights on). You should see a green bar indicating that the cable is communicating with the OBDII port. Hit the “Connect” button to start the process, and the blank fields on the screen (Hardware #, Software #, VIN #) should start to populate automatically. Once this is complete, you can click on the “Vehicle Reflash” tab to start loading the new .EUC file.

Use the “Select File” button to browse your computer for the .EUC file that we sent you. Once that is selected, you will see it displayed in the window.

Select the “Performance” button to start the download….. (hold your breath and watch the status bar at the bottom of the screen…!!!)

In a perfect world, the status will move from 0% complete to 100% complete in about 10 minutes without any issues, and you will be successful. At that point, you can turn the key completely off for at least 5 seconds, remove the cables and restart the car with your new tune.


A screen may come up indicating the files were not completely loaded and recommends re-flash. Says DO NOT TURN KEY OFF OR ECU WILL BE BRICKED. Do the re-flash. IF the same screen comes up again, call the ECC supplier. It MAY have loaded completely (95% of the time), but the contact there will walk you through the ‘what if’ the car won’t start after turning the key off for the 5+ seconds.

If the load fails at “2% Complete” or at “42% complete” or hangs during the process, odds are good that you are going to need the updated USB driver, and possibly a lot of help from us as well. Leave the battery charger attached and make your phone calls / emails to their shop. Make sure to have the latest drives and downloads.


With us on the phone, we will need to gain access to your laptop through the remote management software that you’d loaded previously ( You will give us the access code and password, and in a couple of seconds you will notice that they are controlling your mouse pointer and desktop for you.

We will end up pulling down some new drivers based on your specific OS, and will update your Device Manager with those. At that point you’ll be ready to try the flash process again.

Unfortunately, if the ECU was corrupted it will take a few passes to get everything worked out. First, we will clear the ECU completely, and then load the “Stock” file as a starting point. At that point the car will start again, and all the “ESP Malfunction” and “ABS Malfunction” warnings that have been lighting up your gauge cluster will disappear…. once the stock file is operational, we will load the performance tune. With the new USB drivers, the completion status should move nicely from 0% to 100% in about 5 minutes and you’ll be ready to turn the key off, wait at least 5 seconds, pull the cables and restart the car.